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Auto-switching weapons and ammo

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I recently just got the game of the year of edition,of nolf 1 because I couldn't patch my copy of the orignal because of the atrocious vista 64-bit,But I noticed an annoying feature which I usually disable in all fps games yet I find no option on how to disable it.For example when I pick up a new weapon it will autmattically take out that weapon,or when I equip the sherperd p38 dum-dums are the default ammo instead of the fmj when I switch to another weapon then back to shepered p38 its the damn dum-dums again how to I disable this really annoying feature because its really inconvient in fire fights and death warrant writing in stealth missions.

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First off welcome to the forum. I found this information on this subject. Hopefully it will help you with your situation.





Player name. Here you may enter in your desired Player name, this is what other players will know you as in Multiplayer games.


Auto-switch weapons. Set this to Off to disable auto switching to collected weapons more powerful than the one you are currently using & vice versa. I’d recommend setting this to On as a result.


Auto-switch ammo. Set this to Off to enable auto reloading of your selected weapons previously selected Ammunition type. When set to On it will enable auto reloading of better ammunition then your current selection if available. I’d recommend setting this to On.


Ignore taunts. When set to On you will hear other people's taunts, & vice versa. This doesn't effect your ability to taunt others however.


Connection speed. Use this to select the most appropriate Internet connection type you have from the available options, e.g. 56K Modem, ISDN, etc. Should you have problems with your connection, e.g. high ping, try selecting a lesser option, e.g. From ISDN down to 56K Modem



Preferred team. In H.A.R.M vs. UNITY games this setting controls which team you wish to be assigned to. With No Preference selected you will be assigned randomly each time you join such games.


Target name transparency. This slider sets the level of transparency used when displaying targeted Players name. Move this slider to the Left to increase the level of transparency, & vice versa. Sliding it to the far Right will disable the transparency effect. This can improve performance on many graphics cards.


Target name size. Use this to set the font size for targeted players names. Set this to whatever you read names at comfortably.


Player model. Use this to select the Player model you wish to be seen as in Multiplayer games. NOTE – The 2 settings beneath may not have options available other than Default available depending on which model you select.


Player skin. Use this to select the skin you wish to use on your selected Player model.


Player head. Use this to select the Head model you wish to use on your selected Player model.


More info can be found HERE

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I tried that yet it does not affect it where it is a real problem single player.for example equiping the coin in berlin by night scene 1 to lure the guard out of the shack with that gate switch then you switch to the pistol to get him then having to swich the ammo back to full metal jacket because it is automatically set at dum-dums which would be very big disadvantage when agains armored targets during a fire fight if your weren't paying attention to your ammo.I will try it again to see if I forgot anything,by the way if I didn't say it already I am playing the game of the year edition.

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I have a feeling there is no way to disable it which is lame when one of my least favorite options cant be turned off sheesh all I wanted was the extra mission and the intellegence gallery and couldn't patch my old copy cause of vista 64-bit though patching it would have added that stupid feature anyway.The weapon switch I can live with but the ammo one is just horrible.

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Hey! you can disable. May be you are not trying to use the KEY assigned for switching weapon functions. I too play disabling auto-switch and it is working on GOTY edition perfectly.

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