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i started this a map a long time ago, i was working a lil bit at a time on it ...

well... its done, i dont think ill be around to play it ,but would someone let me know of any bugs?

and ill fix em...download it here http://www.filefront.com/user/Sgt_PEPPER

thanks, have fun....god bless


oh let me know what you think ,

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I loaded your map and it looks interesting, havent yet find lockpick or codebreaker but maybe i find those. :P

am hosting right now your DD map and weapon 05b mod.

Some how it take about 2 min to get server info when you start press "download server list". but maybe it my computer it take 40 sec to start server and that came after latest xp updates. :blink:


I found lockpick and codebreaker and it take only 20 min... :happy1:


Now have to find dd machine..... :unsure:

Find that

Now when i go to death rabbit plant, i cant move. is this bug? :rolleyes:

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could anyone post scrrenies? :P

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ok, I got it today :D

The map looks really great! Nice job der Pepper!

I hope I'll get my NOLF2 to work soon so I will be able to play it! :D

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Oh how much I would like to launch this map

but I´m tooo stupid.


When I launch LivesForeverPlus Test sficlan from the IP tool ... I get kicked from the server.


I put DD Brave Retreat.rez (and also mappack210308.rez) here:

C:\Programme\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Resources


And I have these:


C:\Programme\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\LivesForever


C:\Programme\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\LivesForeverPlus




Launching Doomsday in Nolf2 Community unityhq.net works...!





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You can host own server, just select multiplayer (internet) dd and host

select campaign and choose missions and deselect maps and add Brave Retreat map ok for that and select dedicated server no and look options if only you select 2 player .

and bandwidht what you have. and then LAUNCH. and you are middle of castle and secrets. ;)

If want make Dedicated server use Livesforever plus mod and you have to open firewall.

(how do that, dont ask me)

and you can see your server on join by ip tool and join to it that way.


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