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Some alternative for NOLF2?


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Not all players NOLF2 visit forums.

If multiplayer NOLF2 does not work, the many players searches for other game.

The multiplayer of game “ Contract J.A.C.K. ” is similar to multiplayer NOLF2.

Multiplayer maps Contract JACK are a copy of maps NOLF2 (+ the best physics-cats-bananas)

Some players NOLF2 play now Contract J.A.C.K.

If to use some mods from URA:

WeaponsTest12a http://ura.exofire.net/index.php?site=files&file=54 Or

KittycatA9-3 http://ura.exofire.net/index.php?site=files&file=18

That Contract J.A.C.K. turns to analogue NOLF2!

Certainly, it is good, if there are some servers Contract J.A.C.K.:

1. A standard server with classical maps.

(Daily from 04:00 p.m. till 01:00 a.m. French server Contract J.A.C.K. works)

2. The server with mod (for example KittycatA9-3) - is not present servers.

Only one problem. :D Many "wrong" players cannot will be connected to a server if on a server Contract J.A.C.K. the traffic under report UDP on the removed port 29910 is not blocked.

If it is necessary to increase quantity of players, the problem can be solved by means of Firewall on your server. ;)

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