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Kyle Katarn

Lake Acid & RoofTops

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Hello NOLFers,


there are 4 maps available for all of you:


The zip-file contains 2 readmes and a big rez file, which is named "LA_AM-RT_3V-141.REZ".

The rez has 4 maps in it:








When the zip is extracted just put the "LA_AM-RT_3V-141.REZ" into your NOLF "Custom" folder, start the game. Go to "Advanced" -> "Custom" and add the rez-file to the active rez-files list.


All maps contain a lot of custom made stuff like textures, voice-samples, pictures a.s.o.


For more information read the read-me's ....


Have fun B)


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Sounds cool, Kyle. Thanks for letting us know! :)


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