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New NOLF 1 mappack released


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Hello all,


A new mappack has been released today which includes several new and interesting maps. The most remarkable additions are the maps from Kyle Katarn: An updated Rooftops map which now includes several interesting and funny things. You will find three versions of the map: A DM, AM and a TDM (Team Deathmatch) version. Another nice map included is the brand new map called Lake Acid.


Take a look for yourself and enjoy. The new mappack can now be downloaded from http://maps.clan-jaguar.net.


NOTE for users who are a regular visitor of the JAG server: From the 13th of December (next Saturday) onwards, the JAG server will switch to the new mappack. People not having the new mappack by then will face difficulties when joining the JAG server.


As a last word, we would like to thank all the mapmakers for their efforts as well as (JAG)Sauron for maintaining the mappacks.





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sucks that i can't download the madpack from here without posting comments first :( rly want the mappack :o



Not getting why it "sucks" to say hello. It helps us get to know who is downloading files etc. It helps us determine what files to host or not to host.


A for your information the mappack linked in this thread isn't the one we have hosted (ours is a later version)

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