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Jetpack operation


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We played one of the coolest DM match on friday. Me, Agent, Buzzer, Rocky, URA, DIH Ted and Suxn. (I guess it was all?)

When i shot people with double uzi's I felt like a Russian ww2 Mig-3 fighter. Jetpack gaved to the game awesome 3d perspective thou maps flaws were also seeing in totally new way. Anyway there was no camping!!! :P


I even suggested SFI vs NS match with custom maps and with weapons_5 mod. That would be totally COOL and whole NEW LEVEL in Nolf2's history. I can't even imagine how cool that would be. Anyway I can't tell more coz you have to experience that yourself.




PS. Agent you said you have made video material based on our yesterday's fun match. Can you please send video link to to this topic?

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