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In need of Map Makers with FINSIHED maps

[ST] KillCrafter

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Hi everybody! I am making a new NOLF site for my web design class. Now, It is a little differet than normal website were you can download files but I have to have a order form sad.gif So, I am making it so you have to Fake buy the item and then you will get a link to the file. I know it is different but after I finish the class it will change to just downloading it from the main page. However, the reason I am posting this is because my teacher requires that I get permission to use the maps. So, I would like to use as many maps as I can for the site but I need the creator of the map to send me an e-mail at derek_77379@hotmail.com so I can send her proof that I got permission. I know, this is a pain! When you send me the file, can you please just say that you give me permission to use your map on Game Xtreme. And with the e-mail, please give me a description of the file that you want on the website and a screen shot...and of course, the file itself. That would be a lot of help!


Here is the site:Game Xtreme


It is a major work in progress since for the first lesson..which I just sent in, only needed to have the time frame.


Thanks for the help


Also, I don't think I will keep this site running longer than I have to. I know it sounds like what this is going to be doing but I have to do mine for school. I had to beg my teacher to let me do this because if I didn't I would be making a website about the state I live in and sell stuff from it...which is BORING, lol. So, I just need about 4-5 people to send me the stuff. You really don't have to buy anything. The form will just ask for like e-mail, game name, games you own, just enough to have a drop down list a check box and a radio button set. Thanks again for all the help!

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Ok guys, I still need help! After posting this I have not got any e-mails from anybody. I need to make this site big for my class project (I do a home school type of thing were I work all year round and I do it at my own speed alone so I can get though High School faster). I updated the site today and I had to delay everything because I am waiting on maps from people before I work on it more. Like I said on the site, I am making maps for my site but I can't do it alone. Also, this site will not stay! After I done with it I am going to remove everything and just place a link to this site because it is just like the site I am making. I don't want to take away anybody from this site just to download files from my site. My site will stay online just until I get a grade for it and then it will go away. Please help me out here as my teacher can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done.



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You might have better luck getting what you need if you contact the mapmakers themselves instead of waiting for them to contact you. Send an email/PM to someone who's made a map that you like, explain the situation, ask for permission to use the map and if they can provide all the other details you need. Most mapmakers I've met are very helpful, but they're also ver busy people, so expecting them to come to you isn't a realistic goal.

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