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Bad news!

[TNT] Sonic Goo

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I was just going to post that Goo. What this article talks about is that Sierra has announced that they are taking down the master servers for 21 of their games, as of 1st November 2008, including the server for NOLF 2.


The following game servers will be shut down as of 11/01/08:


1. Alien vs Predator 2

2. Arcanum

3. Caesar IV

4. Dark Reign 2

5. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

6. Empire Earth

7. Empire Earth 2

8. Empire Earth: Age of Conquest

9. Ground Control

10. Ground Control2

11. Homeworld

12. Homeworld: Cataclysm

13. Nolf2

14. Red Baron

15. Sanity

16. Star Trek: Armada

17. SWAT3: EE


19. The Incredible Machine

20. Tribes2

21. Vampire

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wonderfull! Does this mean that we can make a game update that is automatically downloaded when checking the cd key? And download maps when joining a game :D ?



THANKS Elite1!

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Talk us through this a little. This is my understanding:


If the master server is gone, then in order to play multuplayer NOLF2 we will need


1. To manually connect to a specific server using DOS switches when we launch the game, OR

2. A secondary piece of software like Gamespy.


And, are you, Eliteone, looking at somehow emulating a master server? If so, how would that work? Would games connecting be simply directed to another server someplace else?








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1. Yes

2. Yes



3. a new master server hosted by unityHQ. (I'd be glad to pay for a part of the rent)

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lool natter :P we gotta get permission to host a master server... so be nice and spit in ur own soup if u really wanna spit that badly! :P

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martijn says he's willing to pay a part aswell :)

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How will our software know where to find the new master server? Is it a domain name, that can be transferred, or do the computers connect to Sierra through a specific IP address? Will this require a patch or some other fix?


The fewer the hoops that are required for jumping through, the better for the game.

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WTF!!! man, now i can't get banned form a sfi server again! bummer, it was always fun when that happened :(



Banlists are stored on the local server so you could still be banned :P

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This is a major blow for the NOLF2 community. I hope there will be a way of bypass this issue but I doubt it. Is there any mod available which let's you connect directly to a server through IP:port?


Running your own master server might be difficult because I doubt they will give the necessary software/clues to do it.

I don't think they hardcoded the IP number(s) for the master servers into the source. That would not be smart so assuming they defined a domain name, you could try to get the domain name or at least ask them to change the DNS entries to the 'new' master server. But I think the chance to all this is close to nil.


Good luck



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I bought the game in '02 for about twenty bucks, I think. I played it in single player mode for somewhere between 200 and 500 hours I am sure, and I have probably done another one or two thousand hours online in the past five years.


That comes out to about one cent per hour, at the very most.


If this DOES end, I will be sad, but I think I got my money's worth.

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I've uploaded Sasser's join by IP tool to the downloads.


Another work around for this is to create batch files to double-click to connect to servers.


I've attached a sample (that works for the SFI DD server) you'd simply change the IP/Port to the server you are trying to connect too.


SFI Server Direct connect batch file - by Eliteone


Copy this bat file to your C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2 folder.

Right Click it and send to your desktop (create shortcut)


When you are ready to play put your Nolf 2 CD in your CD Drive then close the NOLF2 menu.

Double click the batch file shortcut and you are on your way to the server.


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