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NOLF2 UPDATE 1.3.1 !!!

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Now you can download new not official update for NOLF2: 1.3.1 .This update has been maked by me (Scorpio).This is NOT 1.4 PATCH!!! But you must install it Manually, sry guys, that i not compilet it, to installer, i haven't time, for that. You can Download it here:



Link: http://www.snapdrive.net/qs/89bdc7cfe63f



Changes List:

- Now ammo damege value is bigger!

- In 32. Mc.Callister not 9 ammo amount, there are 10!

- Added to Mascara Stun Gun new ammo: Hight Powered Taser.It can kill a human.

- Also added phos ammo, to Mc.Callister;Sterling;TommyGun;Sniper Rifle.And Poison added to Sterling;AK-47;TommyGun;Sniper Rifle.

- Now FX are more Realistic.

- Adden New Characters to MultiPlayer: Jack, DD-Agent, SpaceSuitGuy, Ill Pazzo, Volkov

-And skills: Armor, Aiming and Weapons are better

-In multiplayer more default Armor

-And more

Edited by Scorpio'
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Are you sure that this is an update? It looks like a small mod ^_^;)

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