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Video games don’t often paint a pretty picture of the future. Then again, the opportunities for the kind of death defying action, adventure and conflict that gamers seem to love probably wouldn’t come about all that often in some kind of Utopian future setting. In Forsaken, a bunch of scientists go a little too far with a subatomic fusion reactor and wipe out the entire planet, causing it to be reclassified as a condemned world. This is good news for intergalactic rag and bone men however, who are now free to loot the planet on their super fast hover bike type things. Deciding what to forsake Before we talk about installing, playing or doing anything Forsaken-related on a modern PC, you will need to decide…


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I was never able to run Forsaken on Win 10 by installing from my CDs but ForsakenX works perfectly.

Thanks for the heads up. Play Old Games is an excellent resource.

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