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Resident Evil 5

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UPDATE EDIT: Release date is scheduled for March 13, 2009.


This is a game that's been in development now for some time. Rumored to be released sometime next year most likely, very little about this game has been revealed. However, there are two trailers now showing what the game will look like, the bad guys, and some other interesting stuff about it too.


One of the most popular third person horror shooter for the gaming consoles, it's predecessor Resident Evil 4 was revolutionary for the game series in it's own right. While I personally (and many others) complained that the first three Resident Evil games were so awful to play due to it's impossible camera scheme and lack of shooting abilities, Resident Evil 4 took everything you could possibly hate about Resident Evil 1-3 and threw it out of the window, and then adding in lots of other cool stuff that's never been seen before.


Resident Evil (1) Gamecube remake




Resident Evil has always had a fairly interesting storyline, with cool puzzles mixed with action. As I said before, however, the game-play itself is somewhat of an acquired taste. A challenging game for me, and I never got past the Tyrant near the very end of the game.






Well, Resident Evil 4 was a wave of the future for the series. Instead of fighting the notorious zombies from the previous games, you instead fought a new kind of biohazard. These enemies are faster, smarter, and could speak Spanish! Well, it's an interesting new way to go with the storyline, but what really made it a hit was the game-play.


Resident Evil 4




Now with the ability to actually aim your firearm using a laser sight, made taking out enemies a lot easier than in the past. Also, all camera angles are behind the player instead of weird overhead views that cripple the player's ability to see where the enemies are. Also, some in-game melee attacks like kicking the enemies were added.


Original version




The Wii Edition took the game another notch up. It added in a crosshair and using the Wii remote, you can move your crosshair around the screen which makes aiming a cinch! Also, they threw in some other really cool bonuses with this version that included a version where you play as Ada through her scenario of the game, explaining more of the story that you didn't get the first time around.


Wii Edition




Now Capcom has released two trailers for the latest Resident Evil game which will naturally take the game-play even further with awesome new stuff.


Resident Evil 5 (E3 Trailer screen shots)






Many have tried to accuse Resident Evil 5 of being racist because of the fact that it's a white dude taking out black people. This of course is a load of crap, but still some people will just be ignorant for their own reasons.


The latest news about RE5 is that the game-play will revolve around going in and out of the bright light, and dealing with the effects of the light changes. In edition to making it difficult to see when first moving from bright to dark/dark to light, they have said that the player might see mirages as well. Also, there will be a lot more enemies to face at once. There will be online Co-op available as well, letting players jump in and out of a single player game at any time supposedly. While the game is sure to change over the course of it's development, it looks promising to say the least.


I posted this to give a heads up to the RE fans who might be living under a rock, or to give some insight to those who haven't experienced the Resident Evil series. Also, I've posted a direct link to the latest trailer.


Feel free to comment!


Resident Evil 5 trailer

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I'm so going to play it, have followed the series and plays them quite regular at a friends.


RE5 looks like it'll be the most anticipated game at E3...

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UPDATE: Yesterday they released a third trailer for RE5. Also, the official release date for the game is set for March 13, 2009. While I think this third trailer shows really cool stuff and the graphics are even more refined, I wish they'd spend a little more time working on the game and move the date forward instead of making more trailers.


The link to the latest trailer is the same as in the original post, but I'll put it here for you any way.


Resident Evil 5 trailer

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