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Nolf 2 Soundtracks Right Here


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Note: Even though I got all the soundtracks for Nolf 2 recorded, I didn't not post them all on my profile, since they are not on youtube yet, but once I will upload more songs to youtube, I will upload the rest of them for download as well.


Here are the links to list/download the current ones:





and the link to download those(in mp3 format):




You're welcome


PS. I had these for a while, but with the school stuff and the youtube video project I had to hold on to these...

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Oh...glad to see the soundtrack I spent hours on and made for you on my file front page weren't good enough. Always a joy to know.

I'm sorry Trig, but those files couldn't work on my PC, my media player could not play them and my coverter would not accept the format, recording it was the best option I had, and you gotta put it on youtube...

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They're in Windows Media Audio (.wma) format. I can convert them to .mp3 if you prefer. Just let me know what you need them in.

Well my WMV could not play that for some reason, but I already got all the music recorded down for Nolf 2. But if you can do the same for Nolf 1 and convert them into mp3, that would be also great, because I haven't done that. Unless you want me to go through the same throuble doing that for Nolf 1...



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Well firstly, I don't see why I should be motivated to do another project for you since you didn't get any use out of the last one, and secondly the sound files don't work the same in that game and I don't know how to extract playable music from them. In NOLF2 they're all .WAV files in the music folder, but in NOLF1 they're in files I think called .sgt or something to that effect. If you want the NOLF1 soundtrack you're on your own. If you still want the NOLF2 in .mp3 or something, I'll try and do it as soon as I can get to it. However, it sounds like you're not interested in them so I won't bother installing Sound Forge.

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Alright, well I guess I will do them myself then. To make you feel better, I will name them after you just like you named your files after me.



Btw: There are few soundtracks of Nolf avaible on youtube, I'm going to convert that video into mp3 format soundfile, which will be avaible for download and the rest missing, I will record myself. If you could, you could tell me how many different soundtracks there are in Nolf 1 and which level has them, since I haven't played Nolf 1 in a long time...

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