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4:3 When zooming in, even with widescreen patch

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I've managed to install and run NOLF with the widescreen patch on Windows 10 so that it runs smoothly and is once again a joy to play. However, whenever I zoom in in sniper-mode the ratio remains 4:3. 
Does anyone have an idea how to fix that?

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Okay, so after literally an entire day of digging around, downloading converters and unpacking and re-packing rez files, I was able to figure out how to get the zoomed in scope to go over the entire screen. 

  1. Un-rez NOLFU003.REZ and go to the "ATTRIBUTES/LAYOUT.TXT" file. Look for "ScopeScale" and set it's value to 1.8.
  2. Extra step for nit-picky peeps: Step 1 will enlarge the scope sprite, but some of the circle will be cut off by the screen. If you still want a full circle on the screen, but don't want the edges cut off, you're going to have to unrez "NOLF2.REZ". Then navigate to "STATBAR/SPRTEX" and open "SCOPE1_FADE.dtx" inside of DEdit. Create a new project and import the dtx into it on the "Textures" tab. Export it as a tga and open it in Photoshop. From here, you'll have to scale it down. Make sure to also edit the alpha channel to be smaller as well. I used screenshots and smart objects to help me. 
  3. Extra still: Export the TGA from Photoshop, import into DEdit, and re-export as a 32-bit with 1 MIP channel. If you double-click your TGA, you should see the texture image and the alpha channel.
  4. Extra still: Re-Rez your NOLF2 and NOLFU003 directories into .REZ files and play the game!

Here are some screenshots of my process:




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Needed to add pictures
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I couldn't interest you in sharing your edited file? 

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This is a very nice post JordanJS. I didn't try your mod though, I made own version by following the instructions in your post and found out something interesting.

You don't have touch the ScopeScale value in LAYOUT.TXT at all. Simply increasing the canvas width of the SCOPE1_FADE texture to 1024, then filling in the sides black will make the texture fill the entire screen and also keeps the Crosshairs from overlapping into the black area of the scope as in your screenshots.

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