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Mario Kart Wii (Friend Codes)

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Hey this is a favorite game of mine, and I was wondering who (if any) in the community has this game or plays it online? Yes, Mario Kart Wii goes online for those who don't know. If don't have this game but you have a Wii, then buy it! It comes with a free wheel to attach your remote to.

If anyone has this game and plays it online, please post your friend code located in the main menu of the Connect WFC. If you add someone's code and they add you, then you can play with those people specifically rather than random people around the world/country. I'd like to race against anyone who has the game, so please post your friend code and if you add me, please PM and give me yours so I'll know to add you on mine.



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Cool! I've already added URA. I only have two out of like 8 friends that have actually registered me so far. So if anyone else out there has the game, please post your code if you want to play us online!

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