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Note some of these issues were corrected with the various version updates:


From the nolf 1 readme file







A problem with Microsoft's DirectInput may cause mouse or keyboard functions to

keep repeating when the keys or buttons are pressed in conjunction with other

buttons. Striking the "stuck" key or button again should cause the function to

stop repeating. Microsoft has released a service pack to fix this bug which is

available at http://www.microsoft.com/windows.


Striking the Shift key five times may cause the 'Stick Key' feature to become

enabled in Windows 2000. If this happens, a computer will task switch to a

desktop dialogue box with options related to the feature, including one to

disable it entirely.


Under Windows 2000 when running at a 256 color desktop resolution, No One Lives Forever will minimize and nothing happens. User must "End Task" to quit

application. This can be corrected by making sure that your desktop color is

set to 16-Bit or higher.




After quitting the game, starting another application or game may bring up an

Explorer or msgserv error. You may need to reboot your computer to continue. *This error has to do with the D3D API and is common on D3D games.

We've looked at this and it seems like it is related to D3D code.

DirectX® 8 may resolve this issue.




TEXT ALIGNMENT PROBLEMS ON THE MENUS: Some cards may display the menu text out of alignment. While we have done what we can to address this, the problem will need to be corrected through driver updates from the board manufacturers.

*Please check your board manufacturer's web site for the latest drivers.

This is seen with the ATI Radeon, RAGE 128 Chipsets, and Savage Chipsets.


MISSING CURSOR ON THE MENUS: This problem can occur on several different cards and may be fixed by a driver update. In addition, because some cards do not support a hardware cursor such as the one used in No One Lives Forever, you have the option to disable the hardware cursor via the Advanced Options button from the game launcher. *Simply select "Disable Hardware Cursor" and you will be provided with a software cursor.


PROBLEM ADJUSTING CURSOR COLOR: If adjusting the cursor colors is causing No One Lives Forever to crash, please change your screen bit depth to 32-bit (e.g.800x600x32)If you want, after you adjust your cursor color, you can then change back to 16-bit. We are currently working with nVidia to determine the source of the driver issue.


INTRO MOVIES PLAYING AT LOW FRAME RATES: This problem occurs with the following cards: Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo 2/3/4/5. Simply hit the left mouse button to bypass movies. Future updates from 3Dfx may reslove this issue.


CORRUPTED MIRRORS: In some rare instances, mirrors in the game may appear corrupted. *Changing to a 32-bit desktop screen mode should resolve the problem.



AND ATI RAGE 128 CHIPSET CARDS: Turning down all display settings in No One Lives Forever to the lowest settings will help remedy this issue.

*Also it can only be corrected via a future driver update.


ATI ALL-IN-WONDER/PRO: We have found that running NO ONE LIVES FOREVER with the drivers that ship with the video card is more stable compared to the newer drivers that are currently available. *ATI will address this issue with a future driver update.


CORRUPTED GRAPHICS WITH THE MATROX CHIPSET CARDS: This problem occurs rarely. *This problem can usually be fixed by choosing 16 Bit, rather than 32 Bit, color mode.


CORRUPTED GRAPHICS DURING GAMEPLAY USING VOODOO BANSHEE CHIPSET CARDS: This problem seems to occur most frequently on Windows 2000 systems. *Lowering the detail setting will most likely resolve the problem.

Future driver updates will also reduce this effect.


VOODOO 3: There are no visible chrome effects seen on walls even though

everything is turned up in the performance menu, the walls in The Assigment training level don't have any shining or chroming effects. *Environment mapping and Detail texturing are not supported on the Voodoo3.


VOODOO 5: Mild to severe discoloration can sometimes occur with the Voodoo 5 when using the two or four pass anti-aliasing modes.

*In the launcher under Advanced Options, type "+S3TCEnable 0" into the

command line and check the "Always use these settings" box.

This should correct the problem.


VOODOO 5: May experience a split-screen effect while quitting the game.

*This a hardware issue with the video card switching from the D3D renderer to the Desktop. This will not affect Desktop settings.


VIA CHIPSETS: Major Graphic Dropout in Menus, Poor Game Performance.

*Download the latest 4 in 1 drivers and video display drivers to correct these issues. The 4 in 1 driver can be obtained at the following link:



AMD CHIPSETS: Major Graphic Dropout in Menus, Poor Game Performance.

*Download the AGP Miniport and latest driver pack from the AMD website at:



TNT/TNT2/GEFORCE: With video cards running nVidia's Detonator3 drivers

(v.6.18), you may experience an inability to change your desktop resolution

after running NOLF. Also WIN ME owners may experience a "Windows rotection

Error" when trying to restart, or shutting down Windows. *This is due to a bug in these drivers, and may be remedied by installing a new version of the drivers. (v 6.31) or higher. Obtain these drivers at www.nvidia.com


RIVA 128 CHIPSETS: Alpha Blend Issues

*There are a number of rendering issues on the Riva128 which are due to a combination of hardware and driver issues which result in occasionally strange graphic anomalies particularly with Alpha blending.


ASUS (TNT/GeForce) DRIVERS ISSUE: When the user plays the Co-Op level "Storm" with the retail driver provided by ASUS, the game will kick the user out to the desktop. This only happen on this level and all the other Co-Op levels are fine.

*Using the Detonator 3 Drivers from Nvidia will correct this. Also a future driver update from ASUS may correct this issue.


TNT/GEFORCE CARDS NOT DISPLAYING IN-GAME FOG: Make sure that "Enable Fog Table Emulation" is checked. This option can be found in Control Panel, Double Click the "Display" icon, click on the "Settings" tab, click on the "Advanced"

button, click on the TNT/Geforce tab, click on the "Additional Properties"

button, and click on the "Direct3D Settings" tab.




SOUNDBLASTER AWE 32/64 PCI: There's a rare issue of sound choppiness

and drop out. *Make sure you have the latest driver from your sound card

manufacturer and check for device conflicts.



Subtitles will not appear in the game if you do not have a soundcard, if your

soundcard is not detected or if you have disabled your soundcard.





INTELLIMOUSE EXPLORER/OPTICAL PS2 ADAPTER: Additional mouse buttons are not being detected.

*If you're using the PS2 adapter for this mouse, NOLF can only use the leftmouse button, middle/wheel button, and right mouse button. The two side (Additional) buttons will only be detected if the latest intellipoint drivers are used and connected directly into the USB port.




CD-ROM: When playing multiplayer using Minimum Install, the application constantly seeks the CD/DVD ROM causing lag.

*Make sure that the Supplemental Cache Size for the CD-ROM is set to Full and that the Optimize Access Pattern is set to "Quad Speed or Higher". You can access these features within the Control Panel and double clicking the System icon. This will bring up the System Properties Screen. At this point select the "Performance" tab and click on "File System" located near the bottom left hand corner. This will bring up the "File Systems Properties" menu. Now select the "CD-ROM" tab and this is where the changes

can be made. It's also recommended that a 32X or faster CD/DVD ROM should be used when playing Multiplayer using a mimimum install.


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I used to have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card which didn't work with nolf1, despite every driver I tried with it. I don't recommend this sound card.


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