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Bloodthirst generation and hybrid gearing

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Hey folks,

I have some questions regarding Bloodthirst generation and gearing. Didn't play AA for ages and alot has changed. Keep in mind i am playing on Fresh Start, so not alot of things are doable for me atm.

1. Is the only skill able to generate Bloodthirst Stealth? If so what is the purpose of the passive
Bloodthirst Intensified? Just to get out of Stealth quicker?

2. The Build im planning runs pretty Hybrid. For that im looking for 1 handed weapons with +magical
power, strength and stamina. Only thing that i can think of is a scepter but the dungeon drops
aren't suited. And if im correct crafting is no option atm because with scepters you have no option
to take a strength-stamina combination. If there are choices you can think of plz let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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