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Revert Max Level Damage nerf towards low level

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A Guild member was asking for help because he was being camped by 3 level ~30-40s while trying to level in halcyona. Being max level I came over to help him out so he can continue to quest, only to find out that I cant even kill a level 29 healer with ~1000 gear score. I wound up dying to a level 34 archer who I could not even damage (I was HITTING 9s with endless arrows). I understand the intent behind the "debuff" (At least have it show in game somewhere) , However this is game breaking on so many levels.

For Example:
Keeping low level alts to pilot ships (Captains Buff plus this = Unkillable captain)

- Use in Non-Warzone PvP (Someone moving packs in a pvp zone? no problem let me just grab my level 30 pvp alt so I can go kill this level 50 while he tickles me)

- How does this work in doms?

- Will this be permanent?

- Why was this not common knowledge?


Possible Alternative
- Players more than a certain threshhold above another player LOSES some honor every time (dis-honorable)

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