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CONTRACT JACK Online Multiplayer Is Not Working!!!, HELP ME PLEASE!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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I've been trying to play online with one of my friends for the past few days and we are'nt able to connect to eachother. Sometimes we can't and sometimes we can. I actually host the game while he's just joining [not a dedicated server].


I went as far as reinstalling the game because I thought something must have screwed up. But the problem still persists. We're able to connect to eachother only every now and than. & sometimes the game slows down during gameplay when we get close to eachother or move during online play. This has never happened before for years on his end or mine. We've both had this game installed and been playing it online for years without a glitch!!!


It's weird because as soon as I host a game and my friend connects using the "join" button my entire game crashes on my end and displays this error screen:




We've proved to ourselves that the game crashes for me right when we he connects using the "join" button when he tries to get into our private online game room. We know this because I told him to get in the room I host while talking over the telephone. & well as soon as he joins the online room I host, my game crashes, and exits itself showing the message in the above picture. & even though my game is closed my friend tells me over the PHONE that he is still in the online room I just created for me and him! & that he can walk right up to my character who doesn't even move.


We both ran normal story single player mode individually and it works for us both. I told him to host a room and that I would join so we could see if the problem is coming from his end or mine. Well when he hosts a room I can join it without a problem and we can play perfectly! I don't know what's going on but it's obvious that it's on my end.


I know what your going to say and yes I use Spybot Search & Destroy, Adaware, & Avg Free Anti Virus. I scan my pc with all of those every two days. Not only that but I use System Mechanic to clean/fix my registry every two days too. & as for a firewall, all I use is Windows XP's built in firewall.


How can I fix this problem? What has happened & Why?


I need to be able to host rooms without a glitch like I have been for years...




- Thank You

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As usual I don't have a clue, but you might want to take a look at the NOLF2 Technical Help section in the forums while waiting for someone to reply here. Maybe something there can help you out? :)

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I read some links Bella sent me... & well I heard something about using the no cd patch for errors upon multiplayer or single player entry. I did that and it actually worked!!! :happy1: I heard that people start to get errors after they've had CJ installed for over a year or more. Well just so people know use the no cd patch.


I can't lie either I had scanned my pc for virus', malware, etc and found nothing. But than as an added step I went on www.trendmicro.com and used their housecall online free scanner tool to scan my pc. It actually found something called ad_mem which was like a adware or malware. I don't think malware could have caused my problem but yah... I don't know I still think the no cd patch did the trick. I removed the thing the scanner found on my pc online first and than did the no cd patch so it could have been either or.


Now I'm back to my private room with my friend blowing each other up with homicidal weapons!!! lol.

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loool... screaming for help! haha....


glad it's solved.

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