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Family Fishing Temporarily Disabled

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Following review of live play of Family Fishing in the west, Trion and XL have made the determination to temporarily disable this system by blocking the use of family fishing chum. A hotfix that adjusts the value of family fish turn-ins will be applied in the near future. The new gold value of these fish will be intended to significantly reduce use of alts we've witnessed on both Fresh Start and Legacy servers.

In terms of the servers' economic health, the generation of gold in the overall economy due to over-use of this system fortunately hasn't been large enough to be massively impactful, but it could if left untouched. The perception of how much gold is being generated through this method is much greater than the actual amount entering the world.

It's true that this system has existed for quite some time, and as you know Fresh Start servers can be particularly vulnerable to sources of extra gold influx. These changes will be applied to both server types to ensure actions are taken uniformly.

Trion and XL are committed to reviewing Family Fishing further after these changes have been applied to ensure the activity accomplishes the original design goal of being an enjoyable activity for small group play.

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