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Family Fishing multibox lords on Nui.

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Trion has made an astronomical mistake by letting family fishing be so overpowered for gold making on Nui server. It has given a huge disadvantage to players who didn't buy a 3rd party multibox program and fish for days straight. The Nui economy has been instantly inflated with items directed towards getting purchased by these family fishing lords. Trion has now disabled the family fishing on Nui but it is too late. This should of been addressed DAY ONE, not day 4. All it means now is the regular players cant family fish and the fish lords have already amassed 50k+ gold. ArcheAge is a barely alive game as is and has been out for years, yet time and time again the Trion team has failed to address fairness issues and exploits. I feel like Trion should address these multiboxers and do something about it because it only took one day for Nui to become a cesspool with exploiters already WEEKS ahead of everyone else.

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