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@ Muzzy Compensation for turn off Family Fishing

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OK Muzzy

Now tell us "Family Fishers" what we should do with 7 patron accounts? We loaded patrons on all account to use family fishing and now we have accounts with labor that can't be burned!

This system was from 3.0. It was on FS Prophecy server and there was no baby cry on forum like on this FS. More alts = more $ for TRION and now we need take refunds on alt account's because it's unusable atm.

I am here from 2014 and never saw so rude decision due baby cry on forum. Activate family fishing now and give players other options to earn same amount of gold .

Deactivating game system that was from 3.0 because baby cry on forums for xxx time will kill family fisher community. Tell us what we can do now with all patron accounts? Trade system is buged, mining not profitable, no t2 hauses, ? RLY? Only family fishing was good way to earn gold for craft gear, before you fix this new trade system taht req. x4 times materials and from 1 pack you earn 0.02-.0.03g/labor that sux

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