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Guest Doffy90

Ok this first one can't be a coincidence, it's just too obvious that it was ment to be used for something but then they forgot ..probably. See for youself:


@ the old wrecked house.








It's really neat though as its open in both ends! You could hide there when the ninjas come, but in SP you can't since you don't have super jump.

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I will have to check that out. However, it COULD just be a staging point for the ninjas.


In Japan, there are hidden platforms behind the fences that are inaccessible without superjumping. These are where the ninjas spawn or wait before they leap over the fences.


You may have found a little spot where they come from so that they can leap down instead of just spawning near that opening in the floor in plain view.


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in the Oceanic Map of Singleplayer, there is a platform outside the actual map where you sometimes respawn when getting killed and not revived when playing the singleplayer missions in coop. No chance to get back into the map from there, except adjusting superjump and trying to jump back into the map.

In the Khios SP-Map, same situation, you respawn on a wavy ground in nolf2 colors. You can see many (maybe all) characters who appear during the SP gathered on one spot. No chance to get back on the map from there, not even with superjump, cause you can't see where the map is actually :)

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