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NOLF2, Now broadcasting in...

[WR] SkiZZor

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1080P HIGH DEFINITION...(thanks to tax returns)








Thought this was pretty awesome. Got a Samsung 40" 1080P HDTV and decided to try it out with no other than Nolf2. Running at 1920x1080 at 60hz. Click on the pics for full-rez.

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Haha, I have a PS3, which is why I don't play Nolf2 as much. I think using this as a regular PC monitor is kinda overkill...but it just looks too freakin' awesome. I can have it in dualview so my regular PC monitor (under the TV) can display my regular desktop, and then have something else running on the top (game, dvd, wmp, etc.) from the PC.

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I have a 24" CRT monitor. I've purchased & returned LCD monitors 3x the last couple years. I just can't get used to them for gaming. On my main rig I play NOLF2 at a resolution of 2036x1940. Looks great.

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Im fine with my 17" 4 year old Litpanel 170 lol ;) Its looking great on that TV :)


btw, I got my ATI HD3870 OC on maximum anti-alias and nolf looks like a modern FPS in graphics! :) U should try to do that too :P

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