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And the password is...

{BAB}Mr. Archer

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Thats funny arch :lol:

No, it's not just funny.

It's hillarious! :lol2:

I can only imagine what you've felt when you found that one Arch. :D

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I'd be takin souvenir like that if ever find 1 asweel if I ever run into something interesting as that. :lol:

Hope to have a better mobile phone with beter camera. Or to be able to run fast enough if I need to lol. :lol2:


I've madea litte search for translation btw. :mml:


An exact match for the word was not found. Following are some of the similar sounding words or wildcard matches. Please select a closer match.

Similar Sounding Words

millstone molest



Function: noun


Meaning: 1. (a) chakkI kA pATa






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lol looks like im a philistine then :P i always knew that mulligatawny is some indian food and i also saw it on many menus already, but i never thought of taking a picture of it :lol:



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