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Czech Imposter


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to all NOLF 2 game server admins. We have another imposter fan here. The cxzech player that is playing under the name D@vid atm, is impostering J-Girl with and w/o the clan tag and slandering, swearing around the servers. When she asked him to stop, he replyed that he likes taking the names of other players and play under them. :mellow: -_-


I am not requestion anything atm, other than to just be aware of that wacky czech player and if he imposters other names agains, just to be taken care of, if possible.


Thank you in advance! :)

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I would like to add a polite request on behalf of BAB, that the people who are trying give our members a bad name. Please just stop it.


I believe some investigation has been completed and two people are involved. It is not good for the community to have players banned, but I believe these actions should not be tolerated, and will encourage server admins to ban the players IP addresses :(


I hope those involved will be able to prevent any further problems.


Many Thanks


Cheese Puff, and all at BAB :)

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Not to worry Cheese. We know that you guys are all better than that. We'll keep our eyes peeled for imposters. The funny thing is, the person behaving badly is the one who will get banned, not the person they impersonate. So it always baffles me as to what they are trying to accomplish. Either way, we'll keep you posted if we see anything fishy. My guess is they will move through all the clans, impersonating anyone they can think of. As history shows, they will manage to get themselves banned from all the servers soon enough. :whistle:

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