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will nolf2 run on it?

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I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with nolf2 and a dual core CPU and or Crossfire. I recently upgraded and I've been testing to see what works and I figured I would pop in and ask.


I would have searched for it, but I'm on 26.4k at best, takes forever to get anywhere, vista doesnt help (on my mothers PC, no room for the modem in my PC!)


thanks for any input, see you all later!




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modem in your pc? wtf?? ^^


I have a quad core CPU and a two GPU's in SLI mode (NVidias pendant to ATI's "Crossfire" ) and NOLF2 runs on it, so i'd say YES it works with dual core and crossfire too.

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cool, swapped over to the new mobo and it's only got 1 IDE, so I'm limited on space until I can get a SATA drive. :angry:

So I've been rotating stuff out to see what works, and I figured I would pop on and ask.


Anybody notice any spikes in the speed of the game when playing?

I was playing unreal tournament the other day and it doubled in speed, sucked since I've got the minimum framerate set at 90fps....


anyway, thanks for the input, just gotta get my disc and install!!!

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Has anyone tried playing NOLF 2 on Windows 7?


Yes it works fine. Just set "Windows XP SP3" in the compatibility tab.

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