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NOLF2 & CJ Complete Soundtrack


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This was actually done a month or so ago, but I had a feeling since it wasn't posted in the right place to begin with that maybe not everyone got to see it, so I'm reposting it now.


Original Post:


I've been working on it a little, and I've made you some soundtrack songs. Since most of the ambient music in NOLF2 can change in game quickly to a different "mood" so to speak according to bad guy activity, the tracks are composed of small 7 second tracks. Layered together, they form the music you hear in the game. I've done just that for a few and I will continue until I have them all. I blended moods together as I thought they sound best, and I think you will like them. I'm especially proud of the endings on them as well. I have 2 tracks from NOLF2 ready and 1 from CJ (Italy). CJ really only has one new soundtrack in addition from the NOLF2 ones. There's one more that's used in the title screen, and I'll do that too eventually (only made up of two tracks). I had to save them in .wma format too. Please let me know what you think of them!




*EDITED (Complete soundtrack available)


NOLF2 Tracks:


Khios 12/14/07


Unity (this one was tricky) 12/15/07


Ohio (extremely difficult because of long pauses) 12/21/07


Antarctica 12/22/07


Underwater 12/22/07


Japan 12/26/07


India (Extended Version) 01/01/08


Siberia 01/01/08


NOLF2Menu 01/01/08


CJ Tracks:


Italy 12/16/07


CJMenu 12/21/07


That is the complete soundtrack for NOLF2 and CJ put together into one track just for you!

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Your welcome Triggerhappy, I really like music from some video games, NOLF 2 had good music and I for one apperciate your work. I also liked the music from Clive Barker's Undying and Sin Episodes: Emergence, which had a CD release. Good music really can set the mode and pace of a game.

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Thanks guys, but I wanted to mention this earlier that this files cannot be played on my WMP, or any players. I tried to convert it, but my converter does not recognize the file, any suggestions?

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