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Oy. Good is back to make more people mad.

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Ya boi good (IGN last Freshstart on Recknoning) heading back to ArcheAge to rustle the jimmies of more players in both solos arena, FFA arena, naval combat and a good amount of NUI camping for you little carebears out there.

What I need in a guild: Simple... STRUCTURE. Structured PVP, have eyes on every and all contested bosses and spawns. Structured hierarchy, I do not believe in feeding the top and letting the pawns rot, but I do believe having leadership is important. Ain't no wimp gonna tell me what to do, have posture.
Means and knowledge on gearing, clearing content, making money, owning markets and perhaps some slight diplomacy. Because sometimes... Alliances aren't a bad thing.

What I can offer: Time, lot's of time (5-6+ hours on week days, all day on weekends).
Knowledge (I've done basically all content, every single one of the guilds I was part of owned a Castle, I know my way around the market...)
My love and affection, but you gotta deserve it.
Lots and lots of god damn memes, some pretty trashy ones.

Class: Whatever the raid needs me to play, I can heal, I can DPS, I can assassinate, I can tank, whatever. I was leaning toward Ebongsong as a start though.

Faction:Don't care, depends on what guild I end up in. Nui, Harani or Pirates, all fine with me.

Let me make one thing clear. I am in no way, shape or farm a ''Guild Hopper'', I can dedicate my all to ONE guild... But you have to be worth it, I am an efficient individual with a love for competition and addiction to being at the top, by all means necessary.

Also... Please have a plan... Even if land rush opens after 48 hours, even if level cap is 50, even if mag will be the highest gear tier... PLEASE come with me with somewhat of a plan, if you have no plan on starting off strong, don't bother.

Hit me up: good#0861 on Discord.

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