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FS on PTS is not finished yet?

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Hi, I've played for 1+ hr on FS PTS server and I noticed a few things that bother me. For example, the level cap on FS server will be 50. Why do I have my 55 lvl skill in my skills window + why is Mistsong Summit available on mistmerrow? It's a 55+ dung. I've red somewhere that the dwarfs and warborn zones won't be open on the FS, that's not the case on FS PTS server either. "WORLD: Nuia, Haranya, Diamond Shores, Mistmerrow & the open oceans are available", well, if I look at Auroria, I see all the zones open. The patchnotes of 4.5 don't completely match the server too. For example: "Characters now gain 2 Skill Points every 2 levels, totaling 28 skill points.", that's not the case on FS PTS.

I'm kinda worried now what it's gonna look like on the FS 5th of April. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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