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Sly- being that you are from Cleveland you may not be aware but this is the NFL's Championship Game...;)






WIld Card-




Division Playoffs-




Even Hitler was p'od!



NFC Championship-



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All I can say is........WOW!! While I am not a big Giants fan, I am even less of a Patriots fan. Great game. I do feel good for Eli. Now maybe they'll (press) leave him alone. Was it just me or did Tom Brady have fear in his eyes.

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Was it just me or did Tom Brady have fear in his eyes.

I noticed that too....not sure if it was fear or just pure frustration with his offensive line. Someone forgot to wake them up.....I saw a lot of standing around even before Brady would take a hit. The Pats loss just goes to prove my position that the "buy week" is a curse. You finish the playoffs razor sharp and then have to go two weeks before you play again.....the blade gets dull.

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