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End of Mission rewards question


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I recently started playing NOLF1 again after having finished it before years ago. What a trip back down memory lane! Anyways, I was hoping someone could help me understanding the reward system better. As I understand it, the reward that you get after each mission (accuracy, damage, etc.) is based on how many intelligence items you get on that mission...My question is though whether or not these rewards "stack" For example, if I get a Super Spy ranking, will I still get the Spy and Master Spy rewards? Also, if I go through a mission a second time and get a higher ranking than my first time through, will I still be given a reward for the new ranking?


Thanks in advance!

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I'm not quite sure if it matters at all how many intelligence items you have :S ... I think though, that the rewards depend on the success in your mission like your accuracy and whether you got hurt, how many times you got hit and stuff like this. When i play nolf1 (i played it many times) i try to make my way through the levels with 100% accuracy, taking no hits and only headshots (no limbs or body hits) ... of course lots of quick saves and loads. I think that's what one gets rewarded for, but im not sure.

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