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Oracle/Druid/Ranger = No gear

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We have no armour that support both Agility and Spirit to make a decent build for a Healing Archer. I want to play this but there is no way I can build up without mixing gear and no one that wants to mix their gear, trust me. Oracle is an amazingly fun class to play but when it comes to it you will be lacking in either one of the powers. I think it's a fair demand to have gear directed towards these classtypes.

Just like Archery and Sorcery, they have good and fun comboes but they are not viable since the Int+Agi gear is level 45 armour and there is nothing for the end game.

Just wanted to know if I was the only miserable Oracle with unbalanced gear out there. I really don't want to read a bunch of comments saying just play one or the other to make it viable. I know this already and I already do that (a Primeval and a Soothsayer). But that negates the whole point of not having any armour for those classtypes. Who else thinks the game would be better with the addition of Agi+Spr gear?

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