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The strongest raid composition for fresh start - Theoretical crafting

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Hello all, with the new skill changes coming with 4.5, I had an idea for a raid composition where you might take on world bosses easily with minimum gear requirements for fresh start, might as well be effective in raid pvp too.

The raid should have as many Tomb Warden as possible, it is Songcraft - Defense - Auramancy.

Let's see what a raid with 50 Tomb Wardens with NO WEAPON can do:
_ 50 Ode to Recovery will give 230 x 50 = 11500 healing per second to a whole raid.
_ 50 Ode to Recovery will deal 400 x 50 = 20000 damage per second to any target that you put Startling Strain on, each member can put Startling Strain on different target and ALL OF THOSE TARGETS will take 20000 damage per second.
_ All of the above targets will receive those following debuffs: - 50% p.def, -50% m.def , slowed, -20% skill damage.
_ Startling strain has a duration of 28 seconds and cooldown of 14.4 seconds (at maxed Rhythm stacks)
_ All raid members will have 24/7 access to atk / def / speed songs , technically you are not worried about your bard being to far away, which make them really tanky and fast (especially for fresh start server).
_ All raid members will have access to Dissonance, the father of all debuffs
_ All raid members will have access to Sonic Wave, the mother of all raid debuffs
_ All raid members will have access to free 15% crit rates (from maxed Rhythm stacks) and Zeal which gives 60% crit damage bonus when you deal a crit damage or heal.
_ All raid members will have access to Healing Hymn which heals for 1124 hp and they bounce!

Those are only half of what the raid can do, let me tell you what else Tomb Wardens can do to defend themselves in pvp and pve:
_ All raid members will have access to
* Thwart for 5000 dmg shield
* Conversion shield to convert 42% magic damage received to hp (great against mages)
* Courageous Action to grant immunity to sleep
* Shrug It Off to get out of Petrification, Telekinesis and Bubble trap
* Protective wings to grant aoe 50% magic damage reduction (now 50 people have it)
* Teleportation
* Lasso to pull people
* Retribution to aoe reflect damage (quite good for fresh start server)
* Revitalizing Cheer to self heal and to get out of stun
* Imprison to trap many people / mobs inside, they will still take damage from Ode of recovery and
allies still get healed when staying inside.

_ All raid members are immune to -30% healing received from poison because Ode of Recovery will negate it
_ All raid members are immune to - healing effectiveness debuffs because even if you do 0 healing, 49 other members can

_ Only 23 skill points will be required for all of those skills, and when you have 2 raids, you will have a 20000 healing per second for each member and deal 40000 damage per second.
_ If you wanna do pve stuffs, only songcraft tree is required, just ask everyone to run songcraft and play songs 24/7, put startling strain on different targets at once, no gear / weapon change is required.

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To be continued ...
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