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Trying to find my build

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Hey all,ive been playing on the test server and ive been trying to find out which build will be best for me. I love to play range dps but ive seen some of the changes and mage doesn't seem good anymore,some archer classes seem ok,but i feel when going vs a executioner ill just get 3 shot.

What im looking for in the build (can be specd into different skills for each of these)
-Will be able to do 1v1s we'll without being 1 shot,if it means i gotta learn the class and get better with skills i will. -Will be able to solo farm DS+ mobs we'll.
-Decent for open world fights and still be able to help out.

Would love some feedback and if anyone's open to helping me in game just pm on the forums and we can met up.

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