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Songcraft first pasive skill - Lingering Impact doesnt work at all. Description is that it should extend perform skills for next 3 seconds after stopping perform skill ( like cast other skill ).How it works ? There is no difference if u take this pasive or u wont. Perform skills are being cast and auto repeated every 4 sec. Even if u cast skill when there is like 1-2 sec on perform efect it ends when timer reach 0 there is simply no 3 sec delay.

Hi evilmike! That passive specifically works on the perform effects on ENEMIES. So if you Charm someone and play Bulwark Ballad, for example, they'll normally only have reduced defense for 1 sec after you stop playing. With the Lingering Effect passive, the debuff will last a full 4 sec after you stop playing, every time.Hope that helps!

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Zeal pasive tooltip says 75% crit dmg but effect grants 60%.

Known issue, already fixed in our patch notes and text files. Ty!

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