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Serious Lag Issues Since NA Server Change

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I had some lag issues from time to time on the Dallas server, but since Crytek changed to the Reston server, I am getting serious lag, and I am actually closer to Reston.I have to assume the Reston server is of poor quality and likely much cheaper. Most of the time I am running a red or yellow connection. With Dallas server I always had 2-3 bars.Crytek, please give us the old server back and fix the lag!!!!
Why would Crytek move the N.A. server to the East coast?? That puts most players much farther from the server than they were previously. Dallas is closer to the center of the U.S. and I have always had good connections to any Dallas server. I am hearing constant complaints from other players since this change.Last night, 3 of 5 players had red ping. Is Crytek going to correct this problem?
Will Crytek listen and change it back to a more central location with a quality server??Probably not! From what I have seen in the past year I have played Warface, .. Crytek is much more interested in finding more ways to drain money from the gaming base than they are in making Warface a quality game and fixing the netcode and tons of bugs and glitches in this game.

Please help.

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