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Doing those neverending Gameplay destroing changes

First u come with Guild Member limmits and did not pay a singel second attention to "Domineon"
What happen with a Guild of 50 Member when a old Guild with 100 Member declares WAR ?
u call that Fairplay ?

Then i have to read in Patchnotes that u will remove the Faction chat.......(HOW STUPID)

"Faction chat has been retired. Good bye, sweet knight. *pours one out* See you all in Nation chat."

Dont tell me that u will allow to read the Harany Nation Chat for Auroria Nations ?!
If YES u will allow where Harany can oranice any peacefull Raid ?
If NOT then understand that those Faction chat is the only way to get a real "Open World PVP" flow.......and u have nothing better to do as to remove the option to talk with Auroria Nations ?
Calling for Hanure Boss in Hasla at Faction brought back the good old Hasla PVP as an example !

But why i longer try to talk to u....u do anyway what will be the best for u....

Those time what XL-Game development spend into all her good working crafting and "Sandbox" Trading and again crafting changes and rais all over the ammount of GOLD to invest......
And Fishing is still destroyed !!!
They better invest those time to create real CONTENT into the game and not those kind of Aegis and Wahlesong^^ spawn 1000 monster and few Bosses....kill them to get ur reward.
Sea PVP Arena with limmited reward of 3 rounds....
But yeah do what u want ....... we saw that over 50% of the servers r gone in3 years
and in EU only 2 overpopulated servers and 3 mostly empty servers left....
Those Freshstart will break again population at all old servers from leaving player who like to play at Freshstart......

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