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New Crafting Commission trick

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If you wanna burn fast labor, you can use 1 character to post up the request, and use another character to craft the request, doesn't matter how many units are there in that request, all it takes is 1 click to craft them all. You don't need to have a correct workbench, and all requests are linked between communities centers (so far I can confirm that at least all community centers from East continent are linked).

For example, you are NA player and have to log onto EU server to burn labor for monthly patron, you can use 3000 logs to form a crafting request of 1000 lumber (yes a single request to craft 1000 lumbers), and then lodge it onto the workbench, now you can use another character with 5000 labor to fulfill that request, bam 5000 labor in 1 go. You will have to pay a minimum fee for each request but that fee will go to the crafter which is also you !

This will also work well on FS, you can use this trick to have more time to actually play ArcheAge or you can expand your alt army, good luck and have fun!

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