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Starter server? Mabey a better plan then a fresh start?

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Gerenal question.
Best trion.

Is it posible to get recaps of livestream/ info given on live streams in text form here on the forum?

2weeks until 4.5 and only info forum announst by u is about fresh start. now i cut go spit in to all the questions asked and awnserd bye community and u. but wuddent be easyer to hafe:

Livestream/update information(closed topic):

In like official discusstion or better own tab.
So people can find it quick easyer and re read what said on live stream instat of clicken every sec away to find the 5 sec info they need. cause tbh or allot is given on information or theres allot of talking around a toppic.

And yes i do watch the streams but would like to have a quick recap. like last livestream new changes to obsidian.
( and dont put me on link to omnom or something)




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