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Clash of Cultures?

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Here's a video of Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles speaking on Al Jazeera TV. I don't know that I'd have the guts to speak as she did. I'm not sure when the video was made or any details about it but it's powerful speaking on her part.





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There's not much to say here, becouse this woman said it the way I think too. From years now, I have had the same opinion about the islamic and/or any other fanatics or extremists. I do respect others believes too. Just aslong I haven't been invited to a rock ball fight with my hands tied.


I don't mean that every person who is muslim is necessary a fanatic or 1 of the extremists.


I have a muslim friend here actually, StormChaser. I can say only that she is very open minded, maybe even more openminded than myself. She didn't judged me by what my religion is or if I had any. We just were talking and sharing opinions and knowing eachother, without losing time and resources in comparing our two religions, their positive and negative sites and/or which is better or the right one. Haven't seen her in awhile but she is one of my favorite friends to chat with and rly a nivce person. :)


Those who forces their women to wea veils, blows bombs out, killing ppl and are showing ignorabnnce to someone just bcs of the religion he is or is not believing in... those are the one who have to change and re-think in what exactly they are believing. None in the Curran is written that the women have to wear veils. It's just madfe out of the jealous husbands who doesn't want others to look at his property. I can say that I rly respect the choive of others to believe in what they want, but that doesn't mean I have to necessary agree with everything they believe in and practice it too, nor I have to agree with it. I have right to express my opinion, and I can do it w/o trowing rocks at s/o or launching a rocket at him to do so.


(for God's sake Bella, fix this evil machine of the west! I have had 2 times some message that the page isn't available and 1 out of the two times I had to retype my opinion. TERRORIST IPB! )

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That's a term I haven't heard in a while. It's not used that much these days, since all the fear mongering after 9/11 has worn off and people now realise that these fanatics are only a very small minority and it's not an entire culture they're at war with.


I can't watch the actual video, since I'm at work. Does someone have a transcript?

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