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Which patch gameplay would Hype you more

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I made a post last night and worded it in such a way that it was moved to game feedback so i figured i would reword it to make it relevant to gameplay.

When trion announces patches and upcoming content does it make you hyped for new stuff or even more depressed at the game?

What i mean is with the emails and marketing they are doing, they call this patch Legends Return. They post about upcoming dragons, which only 10 people will probably get and when people read about it, does it give them reason to return to playing the game? Does it give YOU a feeling of "I cant wait!!"

I think Trion should focus their marketing and emails on the material and content from patches that is relevant to everyone to make people in the majority category feel like playing and maybe attract people, that aren't in the top 1% of players, to return.

I think "Combat Evolved" would be a better title for the 4.5 patch. Send out emails about new shadow events, new skills etc all about the change to classes and skills, new pvp etc.

Would this make you more hyped to get emails about relevant stuff? Did "Erenor Eternal" get anyone other than a few people that got erenor or eternal grade stuff hyped?

This is the post i made last night, pushing a lot harder with stronger words but i want to hear more peoples thoughts, especially people like Muzzy that are the ones responsible for passing on the players thoughts about these topics to the people making decisions about what emails and content is pushed on the website / live streams.
Also, if you want to actually get peoples thoughts on this, don't hide this post in game feedback where like 10 people will read it.

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