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Unforgiven (NA)(East)(hardcore/pvp)18+

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Do you enjoy progress, but struggle to make it on your own? Enjoy PvP, but find yourself without support? Join us in keeping conflict alive (and liberating a few trade packs while we're at it).
We are a small group of focused gamers looking to use cooperation and a complete submission to leadership to keep at the forefront of the PvP scene.
- There are no I's in this guild. Submit your free will to our benevolent dictatorship.
- 18+. We don't permit abusive truly offensive behavior within the guild, but people are free to speak their minds in discord. Also, most of us haven't understood squeakers in decades.
- discord and mic a must.
- Be able to pick a class, and stick with it
- Be focused on group progression. Success or failure rides on cooperation. We progress as a team, both in gear and in content. If your focus is on personal in game wealth or solo progression, this is not the guild for you.
- need to love pvp.
We want to cap at 20-25 pre-release members, we will have a secondary Alt Guild and will actively recruit beyond that after release.

steam: tekren/rhaliri
discord: shadz#2477

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