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dungeons hv honor/ 1-time-use NPC helper /MM leader afk /lock item

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>>>make lib boss and dungeons more interested to player====
why----now new player want it, but old player not intereted to those mission becuz they got all or no more they need in those mission
solve----every 3 hour those mission will addition with honor quest, player finish it can get honor, but only can get once for each dungeon or lib boss daliy. even done half of it can get some honor.

>>>buy 1-time-use NPC helper in event with leadership, buy leadership with honor or VB===
some event no much player like kadum, lib, dungeon, but some guys need the material, then they can buy 1-time-use NPC helper to finish

>>>MM war leader always from the afking player=======
why----some people afk stay MM before MM war, then he will be leader. and the raid will very confuse to make a new raid in only 1 min(first 2min is knew the leader is afk.
solve----the raid can vote there leader, or only the war start will make a leader from new reach

>>>lock item for wont destory====
player can lock some rare item for wont mistake destory

>>>more new pet suggestion===
farm mount===Mammuthus

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