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Aggression (Agg) - WEST

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About Us:

Guild Wars 2:
Aggression was founded in Guild Wars 2, where we were the 7x #1 GvG guild, also the longest reigning #1 GvG guild. We were also the first NA guild to defeat the #1 EU guild in a GvG. Aggression played a crucial role in Gw2 in promoting "GvG" and "Blob Busting" on the NA servers. Video's can speak for themselves.

Archeage Kyrios Server:
After dominating Gw2 with no possible contenders, (Agg) moved on to Archeage. (Agg) has never been a big guild before, the roster was limited to 30 and this proved a challenge our first time around in Archeage. Our skill in combat had remained just as effective, because of this (Agg) was hired to defend castles for weak zerg guilds like Gank Bus and Dark Ascension. Video speaks for itself.

Revelation Online Darkfall Server:
After a long period of hiatus, (Agg) set its sights on Revelation Online. Most players dropped an average of 14,000 USD to compete, Aggression did not. Playing the game by grinding dungeons and deathly atoll, Aggression was able to compete with every guild in PvP without spending any $$. We dominated and defeated the "best GvG guild" in the server known as Revenge. We also scored #1 guild in kills every saturday during territory wars. This included farming the server's biggest and only alliance "Hostile" which consisted of 80% of the servers population. They were garbage tbh. Video's speak for themselves.

What we are looking for:
We are looking to expand our limit of 30 members to 50. We are looking for like-minded players dedicated to the guild and interested in PvP/PvX. There is no strict requirement to join Aggression, only simple ones. I'll simplify it in a list.
1. Don't be an idiot
2. Follow instruction in ZvZ/PvP
3. Don't be a cry baby.

Discord Server:


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