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Nolf 1 - Invisible/Undetectable Mod

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Hi Folks!

I remember grabbing the NOLF games back when they originally came out, and I've recently gone back to play them again.

I'd like to ask in relation to modding: Is it possible to mod a sort-of invisible mode cheat back into the game (I understand Monolith wiped most of the console commands prior to launch). I saw a No Security Cameras mod for NOLF single player, and that's fun, but I'd like to dig around some of the levels without being detected in general.

I am a bit familiar with modding, but it's been a while. just wondering if anyone has attempted this, or whether it's possible to do.


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In Nolf 2 I know the command Poltergeist made you invisible to the AI in the single player game. 

Don't recall if NOLF 1 had a similar command. 

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Found this though:

Cheat Codes

During the game, press the talk button, then enter in one of the following codes for the desired effects.

Code Effect
mpbeenthere All maps
mpmimimi All Weapons
mpkingoftehmonstars All Weapons, Full Ammo
mpsanta All Weapons, Full Armor and Health
mpracerboy Create Motorcycle
mprosebud Create Snowmobile
mpwegotdeathstar Full Ammo
mpwonderbra Full Armor
mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey Full Armor Options
mpdrdentz Full Health
mpgoattech Full Weapon Upgrades
mpimyourfather Invincibility
mpexorbitantamounts More Blood Mode
mpflowerpower Paintball Mode
mpmiked Quit Game
mpboyisuck Removes all enemies
mpbuild Show Game Version
mppos Show Position
mpmaphole Skip Levels
mpcam Temporary Invisibility
mpasscam Third Person View
mptrigger Triggers all activate boxes
mpclip Walk through walls

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Thanks for following-up :)

I am aware of the cheats for NOLF2 (they come in handy for exploring environments and grabbing screenshots!) Was hoping it would be possible to replicate something similar for NOLF1.

There are various cheat lists out there for NOLF1, most of them have a full list of console cheats, of which most don't work since Monolith patched them out prior to release. (for example, MPBOYISUCK and MPCAM, in the list you provided, don't work).

I've heard that somewhere out there is a .rez file or something similar that was sent by one of the devs that restores almost all of them, but the last I ever saw of that was almost a decade ago.

Love stumbling upon this site and seeing a community still active around these games :)

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I think you want and were referring to this:

It restores the mpclip cheat code so that you can fly, go through walls and out of bounds. While out of bounds you can often see through walls, floors and/or ceilings too. You can even find hidden, normally inaccessible areas and actors used for cutscenes or to store enemies before they spawn into the level. You're not completely invisible with this but enemies seem to have a hard time spotting you unless you hover right in front of them. Even if they do spot you it's pretty easy to return to safety. The downside is that it disables certain controls like shooting and even the chat used to enter cheats. To disable it you have to restart the game or load a previous save point in which you did not enter the cheat.


Nolf 2 has a spectator mod that works similarly and comes with the added benefit of being completely invisible. It also comes with another cheat to enable 3rd person view like the mpasscam cheat in Nolf 1. The cheat codes are mentioned in the link:


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