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<A.S.E.S> /East/ Fresh Start Guild

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Who are we?

<A.S.E.S> is a Guild I am putting together for people who want to have fun and enjoy all that Archeage has to offer! we will do all we can to progress our faction and become a strong influence within the Haranyan Faction.

Who Do we Want?

- Active players who are self driven to become great players
- Strong leaders who can do raid leading/shot calling
- People who will be looking to do All forms of content within Archeage
- Those who have out of game talents that can be used to better our guild

~ Great PvP with all who will fight! ~

- The stance we will be taking on PvP is Everyone will be fought; Red or Green alike so long as it makes for a great experience. "Purple for Profit" is completely fine so long as your not greifing the same person none-stop. if our faction cant defend themselves then how will they fight the West ;)

~ All the Carebearing you can do! ~

- The first thing people think of when they hear the word "Carebear" is a player who cannot pvp, and only plucks potatoes from the ground... that may be half true but a lot of carebears can be the strongest members; and we want you! if you got a knack for crafting and love to do the farming within the game then we want you! crafters are as valuable as healers in my opinion; just be ready to PvP as well!

~ World boss Slaying on a daily basis! ~

- We will be attempting to get the world bosses and some content done on a daily basis; and though we aim for daily i am sure it wont happen all the time. However, we will be getting out there and making the attempts and challenging those who would appose us; and creating strong allies to work together with on getting this content done.


We will be aiming to have at the least 30 solid members for launch with the guild changes in 4.5.
better to have a low amount of quality members than a zerg of pissy members. in the end we are looking to have fun; though i will be aiming for then end game once we are prepared. I have a plan and we will succeed!


- Must be 18 or Older. we want Mature players; and will make exceptions if you believe you can be a mature player.
- You must be able to be self sufficient, be able to get your gold and gear on your own. (we will help, but you to need to put in the effort yourself as well)
- Must be willing to change classes when asked too; run what you like but if your doing a Raid v Raid, run the appropriate class.
- Be Respectable to guild members and your faction.
- Absolutly no Greifing. this will not be tolerated

If you are Interested then feel free to join here!

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