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F/S $99 starter pack really?????

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is it just me or does this seem a bit weak for asking $99.
Early access to character creation and name reservation
In-Game Titles: “Fortune Seeker" & “Fateshaper”
Golden Phoenix Regalia
Glass Phoenix Glider
8500 Credits
350 Bound Tax Certificates
5 Inventory Expansion Scrolls
Really??!? Titles, a outfit, a glider, tax certs, and credits.... That's all?

The $49 pack gives over 11k credits itself.
Titles mean almost jack as do the certs.
Costumes are nice but not needed so what the heck is really with it,.. The glider? the expansion scrolls?

No mounts? No gear? No labor packs, loyalty points, cash shop scarecrows, mats????? Nothing really useful to get a solid start!.

Seems like they expect people to toss money at then for nothing of value.
I really hope most people realize this and don't buy it until its is changed to be worth it.

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