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4.5 Stone Arrow Build help.

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Looking for help with a 4.5 Stone Arrow build and gear to go with it (and how to quickly obtain said gear without having to buy a ton of apex to resell or spend 24/7 making trade runs reason being....slow internet + 1 trade run = 40 min)

My internet is not very fast (pro's of living out in the middle of literally nowhere) So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna die no matter if I'm an archer or what in 4.5 and since I've actually managed to get a Celestial Cursed obs Bow on the first try I'd like to stick with that.

Gear wise whats the diff between obsidian and Ayanad leather?
Which would you rather wear (if you were poor as Joe's turkey like me lets say). I'd also like to know what gems would be the best to put in each.

I'm currently running with Soulforged (the kind we got for free a long time ago, not the crafted one) because it's better than the T3 Obsid I barley managed to craft before I found out I have to get a spellshift orb in order just to grade it up.....
and before I spend the time and effort to accumulate the necessary items to make it (orb I mean) I wanted to see if it was even worth my time or if I should instead take the next couple of years to get Ayanad. What can I say? I'm slow it can't be helped. :)

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