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Starter/newbie server(s).

Oke let me explaine.
Now we are getting a freshstart agian. Now we seen in the past that first bog hype and over time it will bleed dead agian.
Now my plan.
As new player u can only log in to this starter server. This server is lvl capt and gear capt. One u get to lvl 55 u can get the option : Stay ( this containes u can not progres any furder with lvl wise and gear is capt as well) and transfer out on own cost. This period is for 1 month u can dicide to stay or go. If u leave u can go to a legacy server of ur choose.

Now why this plan?
I see allot of people complaining about gear gap. " cant compite with over 10k gs ect". Well to prefent this this server wil be made.
I think this will keep stuff interesting for new players since there around there own gs people and keeps legacy servers more alive.
Saves time addeding/removing or merging servers. Keeps gs's together.

So trion/xl-games let me know what u think of this plan?
And ofcourse other players as well what do U think.

Greetz Erestor

P.s. sorry for any spelling errors i am dyslectic i'm trying my best here ;)

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