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Will my "subscription" entitle me to priority?

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Sorry for not posting in the 4.5 faqs because my question could have possibly gone there, however, I was unsure if it was a 4.5 question but more a by-product of a possible upturn in player involvement.

I have spent $198.00 already on two accounts for the fresh start, one for myself and my partner, I am likely to spend at least another $50.00 per account, plus patrons at $14.99 each.

So that is at least a total of $327.98 just to access the game for launch at patron status. Plus I have been subscribing to patron for a while on other accounts.

So with this all in context, can Trion tell me what efforts and protections they will offer me as a paying consumer that when the server launches that I will enjoy this service I have purchased and not be prevented from enjoying this service because resources are being utilized by non-paying accounts which would result in me being stuck in a queue for X amount of time?

All things being equal there no complaints here, but things will not all be equal, there will be those that invest and those who play for free (Nothing against Free2Play). I hope you are ensuring that access priority is handed to those that have "subscribed" to your product.

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